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Petco Love Lost, Reuniting Pets

PETCO Love Lost uses facial recognition software to report or search for lost or found pets nationwide.  It's free and easy to use.  Search your lost cat or dog today.

Found Pet Resources

Graphic of three options for found pets

So you’ve found an animal, with no family in sight. What are your next steps? Why, help it get back home, of course! Recent data suggests that many lost pets are found within just a few blocks of their homes, where their families are missing them and anxiously awaiting that call to let them know their beloved furry family member has been found. While the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter is dedicated to reuniting lost pets with their families, we encourage you to use the following resources to help that animal in need get back home without ever coming to visit us. Trust us, happy family reunions are truly special moments that you’ll remember forever!

Upload a photo of the found pet to PETCO Love Lost using the link at the top of this page.

PETCO Love Lost uses facial recognition software to report or search for lost or found pets nationwide.  It's free and easy to use.  Search your lost cat or dog today.   

Watch this informative video for tips & tricks on what to do when you've found a lost pet, made by local Girl Scout Troop 2349 for their Bronze Award.  Thank you, Girls!

Scan the found animal for a microchip.

Animals can be scanned for a microchip at:

  • Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter 
  • Veterinarian clinics
  • Tomlinson’s Feed Pet Stores

Enter the microchip number into and call the company that populates from the search. They may have the owner’s information!

Make an Effective Flyer for your area and local vets

At any typical intersection, you only have 5 seconds and 5 words to get your message across to drivers who are passing through the area where the animal was found.

  • Make the flyer GIANT so that people driving by cannot miss them.
  • Make the flyers FLUORESCENT so that the color attracts the attention of everyone.
  • Put them in your yard and the major intersections near where you found the animal.
  • Keep them BRIEF and to the point.
  • Let them convey a VISUAL IMAGE of who you found.

Online Searches

Visit to search their database

Report your found animal on these sites:

Facebook Groups

Found pets and the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter

If after searching for a pet's home you are unable to find its owners or if a pet presents any kind of a safety risk and/or is sick or injured, Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter stands ready to help. Send an email to to schedule an appointment to bring the pet in to us. Photo ID required.

Please do not rehome the pet.

Thank you for all your help reuniting families! 

Found kittens?


Found Kittens Infographic

Did you know kittens are one of the most vulnerable populations in animal shelters and that many end up there because of well-meaning animal lovers?

The WCRAS wants to assist you in identifying the best approach for helping kittens in your community. Removing kittens from their current environment may not always be the right answer as the mom cat could be nearby getting food (or hiding from you)—and no one can care for a kitten like their mom can! To help choose the right path for kittens you found, take a look at our infographic.