Need to Rehome Your Pet?

We are sorry you are facing this difficult decision. Luckily, your pet has you to help them through this process.

1. List Your Pet on

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Who knows your pet best? You do! This site matches your pet with people looking to adopt. Click here to make your profile.

Help your pet become more adoptable with this Training & Resources page to find helpful tips and tricks. And, contact for resources on spay/neuter, medical assistance, and training assistance.

2. Contact the Person or Organization You Got Your Pet From
Wouldn’t you want to know if your friend was in need? Give them a call to see if they can help.
3. Talk to Friends & Family

Man Hugging His Friendly Dog

You won’t know if that friend of yours has been secretly wishing he could have your pet so he can give him all the snuggles – unless you ask! 






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4. Post on Social Media
Sure, your friends like to see what you had for lunch or the review of the latest Hollywood blockbuster, but they also can help you find a great home for your pet. Nextdoor, TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, or whatever the kids are using these days. If you use Facebook, also post on the Austin Pets Alive! PASS Program Facebook page.
5. Contact Your Local Shelter

Since shelters are very difficult places for dogs and cats, contacting them should be your last step. If you live in the jurisdictions we serve, call 512-943-3322 or email the shelter at to schedule an appointment. 

What to expect when you contact us: 

    • The Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter is a family-first shelter. Expect that we will offer ways to help your family stay together.  
    • Expect to spend about 30 minutes in a judgement-free environment with a specialist. We want to learn all about your pet. Since we don’t know your pet like you do, the more honest information we have, the better we can help them.  
    • You can continue to help by your pet find a loving home by sharing your pet to social media. 
    • Remember, if your circumstances change, please reach out to us.  We would love to help get your family back together again. 

Requirements for your surrender appointment: 

    • Bring proof of residency and a photo ID.  A proof of identification and residency in our jurisdiction is required.  
    • Bring proof of posting on or other rehoming attempts. 
    • Bring all veterinary or vaccination records.  
About Our Surrender Program

Animal shelters should be the place of last resort for dogs and cats – even the best of shelters can’t compare to a loving home. 
Although our vision is to save every healthy and behaviorally sound companion animal, this is a challenge when we are serving those with less urgent needs or serving those whose family have not exhausted all other options.  

We do not have a mandate that limits our ability to euthanize.  
Surrendering your pet to our shelter means you are giving up all rights to that animal. We are not required to notify you of any development regarding health or status, nor will we give the animal you surrendered special treatment over another animal. You may use our website or call the shelter for updates.