Feral Cat Surgeries

Are you feeding stray cats? We offer a free spay/neuter service for stray, feral, or free-roaming cats in our service area. Left un-fixed, free-roaming cat populations quickly grow out of control. 

Trap, Neuter, Return is the only proven method of controlling feral cat populations, where cats are humanely trapped, spayed/neutered, vaccinated and returned.

Removing cats from an area by killing or relocating them will not solve the issue. Scientific research states that catch and kill does not clear an area of cats. Each time a cat is removed, a new one will appear through a natural phenomenon known as the "vacuum effect." This creates an endless cycle of trapping and killing.

TNR is the only proven, effective, and humane way to control the cat population. Neutered cats are returned to live out their natural lives. The breeding cycle stops - no more fighting, spraying, yowling, roaming, and reproducing. The cat population stabilizes and declines over time, reducing the surplus of cats to the shelter and lowering euthanasia rates.

How it works:

  • Make an appointment.  Call 512-943-3322 or email wcras@wilco.org.  Cats must come from the jurisdictions we serve.  Space is limited and there may be a wait for an appointment.
  • Bring the cat into the shelter in the morning.
  • Pick him up in the afternoon
  • Release the cat back where he was trapped.
  • Congratulations! You contributed to help control the cat population and lower shelter intake and euthanasia rates!





Tips on Trapping:

  • Line the bottom of the trap with newspaper, cardboard, or a towel.
  • Do not leave the trap unattended, for protection of the cat.
  • Consider placing a food bowl inside a slightly larger bowl of water to discourage ants.
  • Cover trap with a sheet or towel, for the cat’s protection. Do not bring in feral cats without a cover.
  • Remove cat to a safe place once trapped.
  • Never move trapped cats in an enclosed trunk or bed of a pickup truck. If you must transport the cat in the back of a truck, make sure it is secure and covered properly.
  • Cats will be returned to the trap after surgery and should be kept in a safe place one night after surgery to regain its functions.
  • Provide food and water as soon as you get home with the cat. Release cat only into its home territory or follow relocation guidelines.