Dog Asking For Donations

Each donation goes directly to the health, well-being, and care of the animals. Plus, we give you the power to choose the program where your donation will be spent.  

Donation Funds 

  • Our General Fund provides the urgent supplies needed when aiding animals from cruelty cases or hoarding situations, needed supplies for the animals in our care, and any extra needs the shelter may face.
  • Our Medical Fund, affectionately called Jane's Fund, pays for the urgent outside veterinary care needed by sick and injured dogs and cats brought to our shelter. Named in honor of Jane Tableriou, an instrumental supporter during our early operations, Jane's Fund has saved hundreds of pets' lives and enabled their successful adoption. Please help us continue to provide care to the most in need.  No amount is too small!
  • Our Heartworm Treatment Fund pays for the lifesaving treatment needed for dogs that come into the shelter with heartworms.  
  • Our Dog Behavior Training Fund provides training and enrichment tools for our staff and volunteers to use to help the dogs stay happy through mental and physical stimulation, as well as helping the dogs to learn good behaviors to set them up for success when they've been adopted into loving new homes.
  • Our Kitten Care Fund provides lifesaving programs and needed supplies to help care for the hundreds of kittens that enter the shelter each kitten season.
  • Our Play Yard/Memorial Fund helps us to beautify our Play Yards and Memorial Plaza.  You may also purchase engraved bricks for placement in the Memorial Plaza.  See below for more details.
  • Our Animal Transport Fund is a vital part of our lifesaving mission, allowing us to send pets to other areas of the country where there is a shortage of adoptable pets which in turns helps us to make space for the new pets coming into the shelter each day.

Click our Donation Link to make a donation today!  Thank you for donating!

Play Yard/Memorial Plaza donations:

  • The Play Yards and Memorial Plaza at the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter (WCRAS) are places for shelter dogs to participate in play groups with other shelter dogs, relax with volunteers and staff, and bond with potential adopters.
  • The donations raised through the Play Yard and Memorial Garden Fund aid in the construction and maintenance of the site. By purchasing an item to help sustain the yard and gardens, not only are you honoring a beloved pet or family member, you are also aiding a lifesaving program for the dogs of Williamson County.
  • Engraved Bricks
    • 4x8 Brick, $75
      1. The inscription for your 4 x 8 brick can have 21 characters* per line (18 recommended) and 4 lines (3 recommended).
    • 8x8 Brick, $125
      1. The inscription for your 8 x 8 brick can have 21 characters* per line (18 recommended) and 8 lines (6 recommended).
    • Order yours here
    • These bricks will create the walkway for the Memorial Plaza, located between our two Play Yards, the focal point of the WCRAS Park.
      *A character means any letter, number, space, or punctuation mark.

Donation Items

Donations of items can be dropped off at the shelter at your convenience. There are donation bins located just outside of our Services Center building, located at 1855 SE Inner Loop.

We are so grateful for all your donations. However, there are some items we are unable to accept:

  • Pillows
  • Plastic food dishes
  • Baking dishes
  • Used litter boxes
  • Opened pet food or pet treats
  • Opened bottles of medication

Special Supporters

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Gifts in Tribute


Dog Shakes Paw

Are you searching for a thoughtful way to honor a friend, family member, co-worker, or even a beloved pet? Consider making a Gift in Tribute, in their name, to the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter. This gift allows us to continue to follow our life-saving mission of treating every pet’s individual needs, whether it’s to help bottle baby kittens, dogs needing extra attention from trainers, or ensuring the pet receives urgent medical care. Every dollar gifted helps us give each pet the care they need to move on to loving new homes.

And, if you’d like, we will mail a note on your behalf to commemorate your Gift in Tribute. Make your Gift in Tribute today.

Questions about our Gifts In Tribute option? Email

Sponsorship Opportunities


Cat in a Cat Tree

There are many ways to give back to this wonderful animal-loving community, and one of those is through your sponsorship!  We have a variety to choose from: 

  • Microchip Clinic Sponsor - sponsor a clinic to microchip owned pets for FREE and help lost pets become found pets more easily!
  • Vaccine Clinic Sponsor - sponsor a clinic to vaccinate owned pets for FREE and help pets stay happy and healthy in their loving homes!
  • TNR Clinic Sponsor - sponsor a clinic to Trap, Neuter, and Return community cats for FREE and help lower the number of cats living on the streets!
  • Free Adoption Event Sponsor - help find loving homes for homeless pets by sponsoring a FREE adoption event!

All of these services help to serve our lifesaving mission, and we'd love to have you be a part of any (or all!) of them!

Questions?  Email