Dog playing in sprinkler with volunteer

Volunteers are needed to walk/socialize dogs, socialize cats, clean, work offsite events, do laundry and/or administrative tasks, help with photography and video of shelter animals, foster, and much more! 



To volunteer at the shelter you must complete these following steps:

  • Complete the online volunteer process, including sign up and orientation videos, by clicking here. (You must create a log-in on this site to begin.)
  • Make a small donation to the FANS of WCRAS to fund our volunteer program.
  • Complete and submit your background check form.
  • Review the Volunteer Handbook.
  • Watch the volunteer orientation videos online at Digital Cheetah.
  • Complete your 1:1 tour and training at the shelter.


Momma cat & kittens


  • If you would like to foster, you will need to be 18 years or older and have a valid ID. All members of the household need to agree to the foster. We can conduct meet and greets with resident dogs.
  • Fill out our Foster Application to get started.
  • You do not have to wait for an email confirmation to foster. Come on up and speak to a staff member.
  • We typically ask for a 2-week foster period. Foster periods vary depending on the reason needed for foster care.
  • During fostering, the animals are under our medical care. If they need anything medically, they need to come to the shelter. (We cannot pay unapproved vet bills.)
  • Fosters usually provide bedding, toys, bowls, and food. But if you need help with supplies, just ask staff.

Eligible animals

  • Puppies/kittens too young for adoption
  • Pregnant or nursing moms
  • Medical cases
  • Behavior cases
  • Any dog that has been at the shelter for 30+ days and is spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccines, microchipped, and over 1 year old.

Lack of Space Fostering

Depending on the influx of animals into the shelter, we may ask for a 1- to 2-week foster period to make room for new animals. Animals must be spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccines, microchipped, and over 1 year old. (typically medium to large dogs.)

Home for the Holidays

  • Runs from November to January.
  • See event page for more information.
Kids Volunteering


Child reading to a dog

Are you younger than 12? You may be too young to volunteer at the shelter, but that doesn't mean you can't help the animals!

Rescue Readers 

*Due to COVID-19, Rescue Readers has been postponed.*  
  • The Rescue Readers meet every Sunday from 1:00pm - 2:30pm at the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter. They read to the dogs and cats of the shelter to help them feel less stressed in their kennels.
  • Bring a book (or borrow one of ours), a small stool to sit on (or borrow one of ours), and a parent.
  • To learn more about the Rescue Readers or to schedule a group, please email rescuereaders@fansofwcras.com.

Download this PDF file from the ASPCA for a list of things to make to give the kitties a fun day at the spa! 

Here are some other easy things to make for the pets at the shelter.

Things to Do

  • Run a donation drive in your neighborhood or school. Here is our donation list.
  • Hold a fundraiser like a bake sale or a loose change drive.

Court Ordered Community Service

*Due to COVID-19, at this time, we are not offering community service. *

Dog giving thanks

Steps to get started: 

  • If you need to complete Court-Ordered Community Service, you may do so without attending Volunteer Orientation.
  • Those serving Community Service must be 16 or older and must fill out the agreement form.  Print the Community Service Work Agreement form.  (If you are under 18, you will need a parent's signature.)
  • On your first day, please visit the front desk during our open hours (Monday - Friday 12pm - 6 pm and Saturday - Sunday 11am - 5pm) to let staff know you are there to do community service. They will help get you started.
  • Bring in your form! We are not responsible to keep track of your completed hours.
  • Those completing their community service do not work with animals directly, but they do help care for them indirectly.
  • If you are interested in working with the animals, you may apply to the volunteer program after completing all of your hours.
  • Once you have filled out the initial paperwork, you can come to the shelter as early as 8am each morning (closing times are the same).
  • Review all the CSR Guidelines (see below).
  • Questions? Call 512-943-3322 and leave a message or email wcras@wilco.org.

Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter Community Service Worker (CSR) Rules and Guidelines

  • Community Service Worker Definition: CSR Workers are individuals ordered by the court system or probation to complete their community service hours. Students required to complete service hours for school are considered volunteers, not community service workers.
  • Rules and Guidelines:
    1. CSR workers must be at least 16 years of age to complete their time at WCRAS.
    2. There is no need to call the shelter to schedule time. No appointment is necessary. CSR workers may work between the hours of 8:00 – 6:00/5:00 daily.
    3. CSR workers will bring the required paperwork with them to the shelter.
    4. Upon entering the shelter, CSR workers are to report to the front desk. They will sign in on the CSR log.
    5. The CSR worker must read and sign the Community Service Work Agreement and return it to staff, prior to completing any hours. This agreement will be kept on file. The CSR worker will wear a name tag supplied by the admin staff.
    6. CSR workers will be assigned an area to work in and introduced to an animal care specialist who will hand out assignments during the CSR worker's time at the shelter.
    7. Upon completion of hours, the CSR worker must ask the person supervising them to sign their form. The worker will report to the front desk and sign out on the CSW log. No credit will be applied for the hours worked without the initials and verification by shelter staff.
    8. The paperwork issued by the Judge is an official form. Falsification of the form is a criminal offense.
    9. Mistreatment of animals of ANY kind will not be tolerated.
    10. There are aspects of shelter work that must remain confidential. CSR workers will not discuss shelter business outside the shelter.
    11. CSR workers are to immediately report any bite or scratch to the kennel staff they are assigned to.
    12. CSR workers are not allowed to handle any shelter medications of any kind.
    13. CSR workers are NEVER allowed in isolation rooms or quarantine areas.
    14. CSR workers are to provide their own transportation to and from the shelter. They are not allowed to ride in a shelter staff’s vehicle at any time.
    15. CSR workers are to bring food or leave for lunch when appropriate.
    16. CSR workers are to refer questions from the general public to shelter staff.
    17. No horseplay or congregating in any area will be allowed.
    18. An incident report will be completed by staff if any injury occurs and/or for other incidents involving CSR workers and will be submitted to the Shelter Director.
    19. Smoking or any type of tobacco use is prohibited on County property.
    20. CSR workers are NOT allowed to use the computer for any reason.
    21. Rudeness to shelter staff or the general public will not be tolerated.
    22. Personal phone calls are not allowed while performing community service.
    23. Families of CSR workers are not allowed in the kennel areas.
    24. CSR workers are not permitted to adopt, foster, or rescue an animal until their community service requirements (hours) are completed.
  • Duties
    1. CSR workers are assigned community service hours as restitution to the County or State. They are here to work. CSR workers will be expected to work. 
    2. CSR workers will come to the shelter dressed appropriately. No shorts, low cut tops, tank tops, halter tops, tops that show your stomach, tight clothing, sandals, or jewelry will be allowed. Clothing must cover the body and shoes must cover the feet. Anyone not dressed appropriately will not be allowed to complete any hours and will be asked to leave.
    3. CSR workers will be required to clean kennels and cages, scoop poop in the kennels and on the shelter grounds, change litter boxes, wash bowls and litter pans, sweep and mop hallways and kennel areas, assist with feeding, empty trash cans, wash the sally ports and outside areas, wash and fold laundry, and other duties as assigned.
    4. Shelter workers are exposed to the messy and smelly environment 365 days a year and do not need to hear CSR workers complain about the mess or the smell. Anyone who feels they cannot handle the odor or mess needs to consider doing their community service hours elsewhere.
    5. Staff may ask the CSR worker to leave for any violation of the rules and guidelines. Once the CSR worker has been asked to leave, they will no longer be allowed to complete their hours at the shelter.
Group Volunteering

*Due to COVID-19, Group Volunteer opportunities have been postponed.*  

Thank you for choosing Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter! WCRAS has one-time volunteer opportunities for community, school, church, and other groups.

Volunteer groups help with a variety of jobs (mostly related to cleaning and organizing). These projects do not include hands-on contact with the animals in our care, but they are all very important aspects of helping animals in need.

Volunteers who help us with animal care go through extensive training. If you are interested in helping in this way, please read more in the Volunteering section found at the top of this web page.

Group of volunteers

 Group tasks include:

  • laundry
  • washing dishes
  • cleaning kennels
  • sweeping and mopping floors
  • stuffing packets
  • painting
  • picking up around the shelter
  • washing windows
  • sorting toys and equipment
  • related specialized projects
  • helping shelter staff
  • helping with events

Group guidelines

If your group is interested in helping:

  • Your group should consist of at least 5 people. 
  • Any children in the group should be at least 12 years old. 
  • The ratio of adults (21 and up) to children (12 - 15) should be 1 adult per 3 children. 
  • Work is messy and may be done outside. Dress appropriate for the weather and in clothes you don't mind getting dirty. Volunteers should wear closed-toed shoes with tread. 
  • Groups are scheduled according to the shelter's calendar. Not all dates will be available.
  • Groups can volunteer as early as 9am and as late as 3pm.
  • Groups can volunteer for a maximum of 3 hours at a time.
  • To do a group volunteer project, complete and submit this group volunteering form and email it to Erin at eduran@wilco.org

Once your group is approved, each volunteer will need to submit this liability waiver to a member of the shelter staff upon arrival for their scheduled volunteer time. (Note: children under 18 will need a parent's signature.)

Thank you very much for your support and willingness to help. We couldn't do our work without you!




Each donation goes directly to the health, well-being, and care of the animals. Plus, we give you the power to choose the program where your donation will be spent. 

Our General Fund provides the urgent supplies needed when aiding animals from cruelty case or hoarding situations, needed supplies for the animals in our care, and any extra needs the shelter may face.

Our Medical Fund, affectionately called Jane's Fund, pays for the urgent outside veterinary care needed by sick and injured dogs and cats brought to our shelter. Named in honor of Jane Tableriou, an instrumental supporter during our early operations, Jane's Fund has saved hundreds of pets' lives and enabled their successful adoption. Please help us continue to provide care to the most in need.

Play Yard/Memorial Garden donations:

  • The Play Yards and Memorial Plaza at the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter (WCRAS) are places for shelter dogs to participate in play groups with other shelter dogs, relax with volunteers and staff, and bond with potential adopters.
  • The donations raised through the Play Yard and Memorial Garden Fund aid in the construction and maintenance of the site. By purchasing an item to help sustain the yard and gardens, not only are you honoring a beloved pet or family member, you are also aiding a lifesaving program for the dogs of Williamson County.
  • Engraved Bricks
    • 4x8 Brick, $50
      1. The inscription for your 4 x 8 brick can have 21 characters* per line (18 recommended) and 4 lines (3 recommended).
    • 8x8 Brick, $100
      1. The inscription for your 8 x 8 brick can have 21 characters* per line (18 recommended) and 8 lines (6 recommended).
    • Order yours here
    • These bricks will create the walkway for the Memorial Plaza, located between our two Play Yards, the focal point of the WCRAS Park.
      *A character means any letter, number, space, or punctuation mark.

Donation Items

Special Supporters

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