About Us

The Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter is the only shelter solely devoted to the lost and abandoned animals of Round Rock, Cedar Park, Hutto, Leander, and Williamson County.  

Our Mission is to provide a safe haven, with compassionate and humane treatment, for the lost and unwanted pets in our jurisdiction.

It is our vision to save every healthy and behaviorally sound companion animal; to save all dogs and cats that can be medically treated and behaviorally rehabilitated and who do not pose a public health and safety risk.

The goals in creating a regional animal shelter include:

  • To treat each animal as an individual; 
  • To empower the community to be actively involved in the life-saving efforts by donating, fostering, volunteering, and adopting;
  • To use all necessary resources to assure a live outcome whenever possible; 
  • To alleviate the pain or suffering, medically or behaviorally, of animals; 
  • To protect the health and welfare of the community from zoonotic diseases or animals that pose a safety risk; 
  • To operate with transparency and honesty; 
  • To be advocates for the animals and a resource for the community; 
  • To be cognizant of the operational costs and operate within the budget. 

Save Rate

  • Our Save Rate is determined by "noses in/noses out." We account for every animal that comes into our care. We do not adjust our numbers based on an animal's "adoptability." Each animal we receive is named, cared for, and given the best outcome we can give. 
  • We determine our Save Rate by adding the percentages of animals who died or were euthanized in our care. We then subtract that number from 100. 
  • Our high Save Rate is completely based on Community Support. Together, with the community taking an active role in the shelter, we can save more lives. 
Advisory Committee Members
Position Name
Veterinarian Katrina Breitreiter, DVM
County Municipal Official Danielle Kessler
Involved in Daily Operation of Shelter Alexis Fine
Member of a Welfare Organization Crystal Preston
Resident of Participating Entity Mary Smith


Contact the Advisory Board [email protected] with questions or for Advisory Board Meeting dates.


Shelter Board Members

Board Chairperson 

WilcoLogoColorCommissioner Valerie Covey
Williamson County Commissioner
[email protected]

Board Members:

RR Play Logo White Star HorizontalErica Solis, Finance Manager 
City of Round Rock
[email protected]

CP-logo-V-CMYK (ai9)

Bobby Vernengo, Lieutenant
City of Cedar Park
[email protected]


Hutto Logo_2018 New (002)

Matt Wojnowski, Assistant City Manager 
City of Hutto
                         [email protected]

City of Leander

Billy Fletcher, Assistant Chief of Police 
City of Leander
[email protected]



Secretary to Board
Linda Gunter, Administrative Supervisor, WCRAS
[email protected]

Governing Board Meeting Agendas
 TitleOwnerModified DateSize 
Agenda Nov 9, 2022Linda Gunter11/4/202276.52 KBDownload
Agenda October 14, 2022Linda Gunter10/11/202231.79 KBDownload
Agenda August 3, 2022Linda Gunter7/29/2022166.37 KBDownload
Agenda April 27, 2022Linda Gunter4/22/202229.38 KBDownload
Agenda Feb 17, 2022Linda Gunter2/10/202252.70 KBDownload
Agenda Dec 21, 2021Linda Gunter12/16/202138.48 KBDownload
Agenda Nov 17, 2021Linda Gunter6/20/2022619.66 KBDownload
Agenda Aug 18, 2021Linda Gunter8/17/2021196.41 KBDownload
Agenda April 28, 2021Misty Valenta8/17/202178.76 KBDownload
Agenda March 17, 2021Misty Valenta3/14/2021542.84 KBDownload
Agenda October 28, 2020Linda Gunter10/25/2020357.61 KBDownload
Agenda Aug 31, 2020Linda Gunter8/26/202059.35 KBDownload
Agenda July 22, 2020Linda Gunter7/20/2020358.14 KBDownload
Agenda April 22, 2020Linda Gunter4/17/2020295.77 KBDownload
Agenda March 13, 2020Linda Gunter3/9/2020159.75 KBDownload
Agenda February 5, 2020Linda Gunter3/9/202016.26 KBDownload
Agenda July 31, 2019Linda Gunter1/30/2020264.83 KBDownload
Governing Board Meeting Minutes
 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
2022 Apr 27 Meeting MinutesLinda Gunter 10/11/202279.68 KBDownload
2022 Feb 17 Meeting MinutesLinda Gunter 6/20/2022222.51 KBDownload
2021 Dec 21 Meeting MinutesLinda Gunter 6/20/202273.88 KBDownload
2021 Aug 18 Meeting MinutesLinda Gunter 6/20/202280.59 KBDownload
2021 Nov 17 Meeting MinutesLinda Gunter 6/2/202281.96 KBDownload
2021 Apr 28 Meeting MinutesLinda Gunter 6/20/202282.30 KBDownload
2021 Mar 17 Meeting MinutesLinda Gunter 6/20/202281.01 KBDownload
2020 Oct 28 Meeting MinutesLinda Gunter 6/20/202282.45 KBDownload
2020 Aug 31 Meeting MinutesLinda Gunter 6/20/202280.39 KBDownload
2020 Jul 22 Meeting MinutesLinda Gunter 6/20/202280.55 KBDownload
2020 Apr 22 Meeting MinutesLinda Gunter 6/20/2022175.13 KBDownload
2020 Feb 5 Meeting MinutesLinda Gunter 6/20/2022125.32 KBDownload
2019 Nov 21 Meeting MinutesLinda Gunter 6/20/2022127.84 KBDownload
2019 Jul 31 Meeting MinutesLinda Gunter 6/20/2022124.01 KBDownload
2019 Apr 24 Meeting MinutesLinda Gunter 6/20/2022316.26 KBDownload
2019 Jan 30, Meeting MinutesLinda Gunter 6/2/2022116.67 KBDownload
Annual Reports
 TitleModified DateSize
Annual Report FY 2020-20211/13/20221.77 MB
Annual Report FY 2019-20201/13/2022961.92 KB
Annual Report FY 2018-20191/13/20221.12 MB
Annual Report FY 2017-20181/13/20221.75 MB
Annual Report FY 2016-20171/13/20221.37 MB
Annual Report FY 2015-20161/13/20222.16 MB
Annual Report FY 2014-20151/13/20221.80 MB
Annual Report FY 2013-20141/13/20222.50 MB
Annual Report FY 2012-20131/13/20223.86 MB
Annual Report FY 2011-20121/13/20223.53 MB
Annual Report FY 2010-20111/13/20223.55 MB
Annual Report FY 2009-20101/13/202262.21 MB
Annual Comparisons1/13/202234.50 KB
Semi-Annual Report1/13/202211.39 MB
Semi Annual Report April - Sept 20081/13/202211.39 MB